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Bibbulmun Paper Coffee Cups

Giving back to Aboriginal Australia, one cup at a time

Our Story

Bibbulmun is more than a brand, it is a pathway to be able to come together to create and sustain partnerships for mutual growth. 


The Bibbulmun range contributes part-proceeds to the Bibbulmun Fund which supports Aboriginal communities by using targeted programs to develop them in life changing ways.


Bibbulmun is identified by the distinctive magpie icon. The black and white colours of the magpie represent both Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses coming together to make a difference to the lives of Indigenous people.

The Designs

About the Artist

Kim Collard

A Balladong-Whadjuk man of the Noongar Nation, and a leader in the Aboriginal business community, Kim is a highly respected and influential member of the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community.


With experience as the former CEO, and current Executive Chairman, of Australia’s largest Aboriginal-owned business and office supply company Kulbardi, and the current Executive Chairman of Kooya, Kim is also the Director of his own education and training consultancy firm Kooya Consultancy.

A compassionate leader with warmth and humility, Kim’s most rewarding role is the Chairperson of the Bibbulmun Fund, a not for profit arm designed to ‘give back’ to the Aboriginal community right across Australia. 

Besides his children, the Bibbulmun Fund is his proudest achievement. With commitment and devotion, he is deeply motivated to chair the Advisory Board towards facilitating positive change ‘by Aboriginal people, for Aboriginal people’.

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Kulbardi - Australia

Purchase Bibbulmun Products products from Australia's largest majority Aboriginal-owned workplace and safety supplier.

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